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KBM Forestry Consultants Inc.
Thunder Bay, ON
KBM Forestry was incorporated in 1973 to provide a variety of forestry services to government and industry in Northwestern Ontario.  One of the first long-term mechanical site preparation contracts was awarded to KBM in 1974 by the Ministry of Natural Resources.  Since that time KBM has treated over 130,000 ha of forestland.  Site preparation remains an integral part of the company’s operations today.

From 1977-1983 an office in Rome, Georgia, introduced new site preparation technology to the American Southeast forest products industry.  KBM has operated a sales and contracting office in Los Angeles, Chile since 1993.

Forestry equipment/supply sales as well as forestry consulting services have grown to be important parts of KBM, but providing fully integrated forestry services to clients in Northwestern Ontario remains a priority.

There are now three divisions within the company, Contracting – Sales – Consulting, that collectively employ 12 full-time and 10 part-time employees

There is a unique blend of professional, technical, and vocational talent within the organization that can effectively bring new ideas from the conceptual stage through to practical applications.  Skilled people and access to capital allow KBM to blend intellect with iron.  This has led to: 1) the development of mechanical site preparation tools capable of simultaneous direct seeding and herbicide application; 2) site preparation and mapping capabilities; 3) new seeding products; 4) practical inventory and forest management planning services.

KBM has developed a strong forestry consulting presence marked by a down to earth approach and ability to form teams of specialists.  These specialists are from various agencies across Canada and collaborate frequently with KBM’s staff to meet the demands of clients in Northwestern Ontario and around the world.

KBM is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative silviculture equipment, products and forest management services.  We will accomplish this through a flexible and supportive environment, which enhances personal development and the achievement of corporate goals.    

Web site link: http://www.kbm.on.ca

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