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Planting Accessories

Silvicool Sacs

In many areas, tree planters are required to have Silvicool Sacs in their tree planting bags to help keep the seedlings cool and protected from dry air-flow.  Silvicool sacs only properly fit in Bushpro tree planting bag system.

Redesigned in 2017 with Bushpro's standard weight Silvicool material which has excellent material adhesion and tear strength.

Fertilizer Bags

Redesigned in 2017. Volume has been increased by 30% and orientation changed to help feed the fert bags towards the opening. Can be attached just to the bag or to the bag and belt on either the left or right side.

Padded Hip Belt Doubler

Planters who like to carry all of the weight on their hips (without shoulder straps), or planters who have very small hips, may choose to add another layer of padding to their bags.  Our special padding insert has Velcro on both sides so you can put it on when you want it, and take it off when you don’t.

18" planting buckets

Same design as our standard 14" seedling buckets but with an extra 4" of depth. Great for larger stock or for those planters who just like to carry more. Can be added on to our harness or interchanged with an existing bucket.

Multipot Adaptors
Multipot adaptors are used for the attachment of trays of seedlings to a harness which helps reduce the amount that a seedling is handled. Up to three Multipot adaptors can be attached to any Bushpro harness.