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Shovel Handles

Bushpro has four different types of handle to choose from to meet any planters needs. Our handles are interchangable so and can be purchased on any model.

Bushpro Comfort D

Introduced in 2013 and revised in 2016 with a longer lasting grip our Comfort D handle is by far our most popular. Found to be more comfortable than our Standard D handle by almost all of Bushpro users. Smaller grip diameter and gently round corners provide an excellent feel. Can be purchased separately or ordered on our shovels be request.

Standard D handle

Regular D handles are simply not made to stand up to tree planting. Bushpro has developed our own which is 1.5mm thicker on the sides. This adds very little weight and lots of strength. Bright colors are used for our handles making them highly visible. If you have planted before surely you have misplaced your shovel, hi-visibility helps.

Ergo D Handle

The Ergo D represents what is thought to be a more natural position for ones hand. New planters can easily get used to it but for veteran planters it may be difficult to adjust to.

Available again April 2017.

Oval D Handle
We’ve done our research and taken action.  The Oval D handle represents a good part of our latest efforts to help reduce repetitive strain injuries in the tree planting industry.


  • Shape has been thoroughly researched by tool design ergonomists.
  • Smaller grip diameter makes the shovel easier to hold.  Great for people with smaller hands.
  • People with large hands will find the grip diameter comfortable yet there’s still enough room to add some padding or wear a padded glove if you want to.
  • Ambidextrous planters can now enjoy the benefits of a superior ergonomic design.

Staff handle

There is still a small following that prefer the straight or staff handle. Some feel that it's more difficult to hold onto but the advantage is that if you strike a solid object you hand will slip reducing the jarring on your limbs.