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Welcome to BUSHPROTM!

WE GOT WOOD!  In 2015 Bushpro will be assembling our shovels with Grade A North American hickory wood shafts. 2 to 4 ounces lighter, just as strong and with the natural vibration absorbing properties that the wood provides.

The shaft has been stained grey so the appearance looks much the same but you will definitely notice a difference out on the block. Still backed with a life-time warranty against defects. Don't worry length can still be adjusted from 34" to as little as 26.5".

Both stainless shovels are available without one or both kick plates. In any length between 26.5" and 34" and with any one of our 4 handles. Asymetric shovels are also available!

Want it customized? Many of our dealers now carry custom shovels but if they don't just ask them to order one in or contact us at 1-888-601-2665 or mike@bushpro.ca.  


Strength matters!

Quality has always been our biggest focus and to date we have surpassed the competition. Every batch is tested to ensure it survives before it hits the field.


Bushpro Supplies Ltd. - Billions of Trees Planted

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